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AdMob Review

AdMob is the long-standing company specialized in providing large-scale app promotion on mobile devices, intelligent in-app sales boosting and targeted mobile advertizing services. The name ‘AdMob’ is a fuse of two words ‘advertising’ and ‘mobile’, which accurately describes the company’s core activity. Today AdMob provides one of the world’s amplest toolkits for mobile advertising, which is made possible due to its affiliation with Google and access to the Google’s own advertising and analytical tools and wide audience. The company’s headquarters are in Mountain View, California.

AdMob Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2006; purchased by Google in 2010.

Number of employees: AdMob’s 140 employees including the company’s CEO joined the Google team following the purchase and continue working there as a separate business division.

Social networks/web visibility: AdMob’s  official profiles and pages








Information for Advertisers

Admob reviewsAdMob specializes in boosting in-app purchase and app installs rates with help of so-called house ads. House ads go in a package with other services free of charge and can be used on Android as well as iOS. House ads by AdMob are relying on targeting algorithm driven by Google, so particular promo content is delivered to users most likely to purchase the promoted items/apps. AdMob also offers efficient cross-promotion through house ads and provides extensive toolkit for analyzing employed advertizing strategies and measuring their efficiency in terms of profitability.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

AdMob offers efficient support and a large set of tools necessary for successful monetization of apps and boosting revenues from ads displayed in the app.  The offered toolkit includes extensive ads adjustment options, excellent mediation service and convenient access to the pool of global advertisers seeking platforms to place ads. Services on ads adjustment include delivering banner, video or interstitial ads by your request in selected apps, filtering types of ads to be displayed in the selected apps and access to AdMob native ads. Network optimization and mediation are also provided with a variety of supporting services and options.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained at:

FAQ  are available at:


The company invites people with a variety of skills and visions to join the team and create cool and useful stuff. The sought skills are those of engineering, design, developing and delivering technical solutions, as well as sales management, customers support, strategic and financial management, administration, legal support, marketing and a few other welcomed trades. The company invites experienced applicants as well as students seeking to  launch their career at the ‘dream’ company. Careers are also available to people residing in locations other than the USA. Learn more at .



Editor’s AdMob Review

AdMob began as a small startup in 2006 and is now a trendsetter in mobile advertising industry. The company’s potential was noticed by Google and acquisition deal was closed in 2010. The concept of AdMob platform strengthened by access to Google’s immense resources and mobile solutions made the deal a win-win combination. Currently the company offers varied promotional services to app developers as well as to advertisers seeking new online venues for their marketing content. Among its recent achievements AdMob lists over $ 1 billion of revenues delivered to developers, 650,000 apps that employ its promo services, the state-of-art mediation platform  and other bonuses including convenient payment methods.

AdMob’s target audience is developers who seek to monetize their apps in fast and efficient way and advertisers who want to boost in-app sales and increase advertising revenues without employing a wide network of unrelated services and tools. AdMob has created a very handy and efficient toolkit that will be of use to both ads placers and developers. Services include free analytics on the potential audience of the promoted app and access to Google resources and solutions that belong to the upscale segment of the industry.


Advertisers are offered a variety of services including in-app purchase growth and app installs rates multiplying.  These are achieved with help of instrument called ‘house ads’. This tool matches ads with the needs of users and targets the most appropriate audience for this particular ad. It combines a whole bunch of analytical tools under one roof and is available to AdMob customers for free. House ads are used for delivering another important service – cross -promotion of other apps and full control over the type and format of ads to be shown in a particular app. In addition to using this multi-functional tool the company’s clients can sort the categories of users engaged in the target app and track in-app conversion achieved through various selections of ads and define which strategy is the best.

Developers (Publishers) can benefit from a wide variety of options and services delivered by the company. Option of monetization of apps is realized through a very flexible and elaborate scheme of fitting ads into specific apps. Developers can choose from banner, video or interstitial ads to be displayed in the app so that advertizing did not spoil the experience of using the app and reached the potential customers in a proper way. Developers are also given access to advertisements from Google ads pool with opportunity to choose the format of these ads to match the type of the app in which the ads will be demonstrated. This function is called native ads (beta) and is currently being intensively tested. Ads filtering option goes by default so developers can ban ads stemming from general categories like Cars, Fashion etc. Along with access to robust Google toolkit and databases clients can achieve higher CPM, significantly improve fill rates and use excellent services of network mediation and optimization. The integrated set of analytical and tracking tools will perform major part of the job, allowing customers to compare and make decisions about efficiency of different ad networks based on real time data and accurate evaluation of results.

The company provides ample set of help resources, including extensive FAQ section, forums, thematic help manuals and contact form to ask questions if the answer is not to be found in the abovementioned areas.

All in all, AdMob is a true pathfinder in the area of mobile advertising and its merging with Google made it a very impressive competitor on the market and an efficient aide of developers and advertisers.


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