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App2Top Review

App2Top is the young company located in Russia, with the registered office at Lenina Street 87-11, Sljudjanka (Russia). The company specializes in delivering various promotional services for Android apps on Google Play. These services include securing positive reviews, increasing ratings and boosting installs numbers. The company offers motivated (incentivized) installs, 5-star ratings, spam and bad reviews filtering and efficient analytical tools as ways to promote the app on Google Play. The company reports high performance indices, namely, more than 3 millions of delivered app installs, about 1 million of reviews, and 17,000 apps successfully promoted during the previous period of its operations.

App2Top Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Social networks/web visibility: App2Top official profiles and pages

Information for Publishers, Reskinners and Developers

App2Top offers services to developers and reskinners who wish to increase the visibility and popularity of their Android apps on Google Play. The company promotes the apps by means of placing positive reviews coming from real users, provision of high rating levels and multiplying install numbers at cost of incentivized participation of users all around the world. In order to improve install numbers the company uses motivated installs; besides, it supplies efficient analytical tools for tracking the growth of apps installs, ratings and overall popularity.



Account Help

Help or additional information about the company and its services can be requested via email: [email protected]  or  Skype: app2top


Currently the company does not plan to recruit new staff members, so no vacant positions are offered.

Editor’s App2Top Review

App2Top is the relatively new yet vigorously operating company located in Russia. The focus of App2Top is delivering high quality promotional services to app developers and reskinners who need help in securing high rates and multiple installs to its newly published apps. The company operates on Google Play and delivers help to Android apps developers/publishers. According to stats provided on its official page, in the course of its operation the company managed to stack about 3 million of successfully delivered app installs, over 1 million of positive reviews, and 17,000 apps that were efficiently promoted.

The company targets a particular market segments and focuses its efforts on traditional means of apps promotion. Among the services packages offered by the company there are motivated (incentivized) installs,  positive reviews, high rating marks and analytical tools for monitoring the progress. In particular, the company promises organic installs from real users, higher position in the popular apps list, filtering of reviews so that the best reviews were displayed first, removal of spam and openly negative reviews, and efficient monitoring of all changes occurring to the app popularity.

The target audience of App2Top is developers and publishers, the company does not offer services to advertisers who seek apps to place their ads into. However, the system of services delivery for developers is automated and transparent. According to the  instructions placed on the main page, it is enough to register within the system, add the app to be promoted to the system list and then place an order. The user will be billed according to the complexity and scope of the order, and after the payment via PayPal is completed the app promotion campaign will begin.

App2top reviewsThe company guarantees absolute safety of services for the customer’s Google Play account, allows for minimal orders and sets reasonable limits for  daily increase in installs, reviews and stars in order to simulate the organic popularity growth.

The social media visibility of the company is rather limited, yet it provides direct channels for contacting the staff, which is a positive feature from the point of view of customers support efficiency.

Currently the company does not look for new staff members, yet taking into consideration its relatively short operation history it is possible that it will look for new employees in the future.

All in all, the company is a choice for those looking for this particular kind of the services as it promises fair prices and transparent progress tracking system. Android apps developers might give it a try.



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