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Introduction to AppBrain

AppBrain is a company based in Switzerland and founded in 2009. The company’s focus is promotion of apps in “developer to user” and “user to user” directions.  The company’s services allow promoting and monetizing apps, exploring the market of new apps and sharing the found entries with other users, and tracking the changes in apps popularity in real time with help of dedicated analytical tools. Toolkit for developers includes leverages for boosting numbers of installs, delivery of targeted and customized ads and tracking tool for following app position on Google Play.

AppBrain Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2009.

Number of employees: 10+.

Social networks/web visibility: AppBrain  official profiles and pages



Google +




Information for Publishers (Developers) reviewsAppBrain offers developers a large package of services aimed at apps promotion via increase of installs and display of ads. The increase in installs is achieved via analysis of bargain CPI evaluated per each country, delivery of non-incentivized installs from real users and apps promotions relies on capacious targeting mechanism and ample array of tracking data displayed in real time in the developer’s dashboard. Ads offered by AppBrain include banners and interstitials that are not over-intrusive and do not spoil users’ experience with the app. SDK offered to developers for promotional activities is easy to use and consumes little of disc space and device memory.

Information for Users

AppBrain offers easy yet efficient access and search across new apps added to Google Play and allows users to filter their search results by current app popularity, all-time app popularity, and by other categories of apps, including  app recommendations, free apps or sold with discount, updated apps etc. The service works on desktops as well as can be downloaded as the app for Android. The apps are displayed to users with indicated numbers of previous downloads, AppBrain rating and name of industry to which the app belongs.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company and its services can be obtained via following emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

FAQ  are available at:

Editor’s AppBrain Review

AppBrain is a Swiss company with headquarters in Zurich that was founded in 2009. The company’s services are designed for app developers and users and can be reached on desktops and on Android devices. The directions of operation in B2B and B2C formats allow delivering direct users’ experience and satisfying the customers’ demand and at the same time analyzing trends on demand market and providing these valuable data to app developers in order to enhance their presence on the market and increase their revenues.

The company offers the tool for discovering new apps as sorted by popularity, time of emerging on Google Play and by industry to which they belong. Users can sort the apps, see their rankings in AppBrain shortlist and recommend and share interesting entries to friends. The service is accessible via desktops and via Android apps.


Developers are offered a wide range of opportunities and leverages for increasing their presence on Google Play and growing numbers of downloads from real users. Install growth is delivered at the CPI average for the country from which installs stem, so that the developer did not paid extra for the services he/she receives. Installs come from real users only, they are non-incentivized and are ensured through targeted advertising and selecting the most appropriate segment of the audience.  Supplementary tools necessary for running promo campaigns are developer’s dashboard allowing to create and manage campaigns and tracking dashboard that reflects the real time changes in apps popularity. These tools come in free as a part of services delivered by the company. In addition, apps installs are boosted with help of efficient targeting algorithm that accurately selects users most likely to take interest in the promoted app.

Developers aiming to show ads inside their apps have access to AppBrain SDK so that they can select ads formats and other parameters of ads to be displayed within the app. Interstitials and banners offered by the company deliver high CPM and generate more revenues. The progress of ads campaign is visible on the dashboard in the developer’s AppBrain account. Additional options of monetizing are ads units that demonstrate available free apps to the app users, analytical data and tips on campaign optimization and bonuses for investing AppBrain generated revenues into promoting apps via AppBrain. Direct flow of earnings from ads revenues to promotion campaigns is easy, secure and delivers extra 10% of money on the developer’s balance. AppBrain SDK is light, does not require much space and capacities and allows running efficient campaigns.

The company is highly visible in social media and offers direct email contacts for enquiries and communication. FAQ section provides answers to most answers customers may have prior to and during the use of the system. Currently the company does not have open positions on offer. All in all, the company is a useful player at the mobile advertizing market and can be recommended to both end users and app developers.



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