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Appnext Review

Appnext is an internationally operating company established in 2012 with the staff of 40 developers and marketing experts.  The company has gathered a community of 30,000+ developers who seek new users and provide a huge advertising market and potential stream of revenues to advertisers. The company strives to connect advertisers and developers directly so that to facilitate cooperation and improve monetization and promotion rates for both business parties. The company has developed its own API, SDK, and other programmatic tools to streamline monetizing and advertising processes. The company’s Self-Serving Platform functions after CPI-bidding principle and provides tools for audience targeting to match needs of every customer or partner.

 Appnext Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2012.

Number of employees: 40.

Social networks/web visibility: Appnext  official profiles and pages



Google +




Information for Advertisers

The Self-Serving Platform designed by Appnext enables Advertisers to reach a large market of apps that can serve as landing and promoting platforms for inventory that advertisers aim to bring to customers. Appnext provides advertisers with the global audience of 350 million real active users who are potential shoppers and customers. Advertisers can place CPI bids directly and track the performance of their publishing venues and partners. Flexibility of tracking and progressive reporting system allows making promotional decisions with reliance on actual data.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Monetization facilities of Appnext are available to individual developers, web sites and media partners. Developers are invited to create their own advertising strategy using Appnext SDK. Developers will access  a huge pool of advertisers, will be able to chose the best ads bids and track the promotion progress via the in-built reporting system.  Websites can integrate app install invitations into their menus and reach new audiences up to creating large scale app distribution ventures. Media partners can benefit from a large portfolio of advertisers affiliated with Appnext.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained via  email [email protected] or via a standard mailing form contained under the category CONTACT at the bottom of the company’s official page.

FAQ  are available at:


The company welcomes people who feel that their skills match the company’s mission and goals. The list of currently open positions includes one of General Manager of US Operations, China Manager, Analyst and .NET Developer. The list of positions is regularly updated at

Editor’s Appnext Review

Appnext started its operation in 2012 as an international company and today it plans to open its offices in San Francisco (USA) and Beijing (China). The company reports the staff of 40 developers, marketing specialists, and support team members  and claims to have the pool of 30,000 cooperating developers who wish to connect to advertisers. The main goal of company’s operations is establishing connections between developers, media venues and advertisers and delivering high revenues, conversions and install rates to all parties of media transactions. Direct communication of advertisers and developers enabled via the company’s Self-Serving Platform streamlines the processes of deal striking between advertisers and developers and allows close monitoring of mutual interactions and performance as well as choosing the optimal target audience segment.



Appnext has devised its proprietary API and SDK to help all subscribers and partners manage and roll out campaigns in efficient and customized modes.

Appnext’s toolkit and services are compatible with all popular frameworks and development kits like Marmalade, Unity and Corona, and can be used for social and mobile apps. reviewsAdvertisers are invited to tap into the large pool of developers who try to monetize their apps. the proprietary Appnext’s platform allows advertisers bid on CPI directly to developers and later closely follow the performance of the app they selected as a venue. The total number of users engaged with these apps makes about 350 million real engaged users, so even after careful targeting and selecting the desired users segment the percent of potential customers and conversions will remain high. Appnext also provides high tech tools for full tracking and reporting of advertising campaign results that retrieve and process necessary data in real time mode.

Developers, websites and media partners can benefit from reaching out to advertisers across the convenient and high-performance Self-Serving Platform. The platform was devised to allow developers to conduct individual campaign planning and select advertisers according to the nature of app and its purpose. Direct bidding facilitates communication between parties and help keep transactions transparent and simple. Websites can use the platform to integrate app display and install options into their code and can even launch a separate division of the site dealing exclusively in apps promotion. Media partners can draw upon the rich portfolio of advertisers who work with Appnext.

Presence of the company in social media is sufficient, support and consulting can be obtained via email address or via enquiry form provided on the site. FAQ section offers an extensive guideline through Appnext’ services and performance indices.

The company plans to expand its physical presence and customers support to the USA and China and intends to set up offices in San Francisco and Beijing, so its invites specialists who will be responsible for deploying its operations there. The detailed list of positions is offered on the official Careers page and is regularly updated.

Hence the company look a trustworthy partner to those willing to cooperate with advertisers/developers directly and control advertising activities in person.



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