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 AyeT-Studios Review

ayeT-Studios is the young Germany-based company that delivers services of promotion and advertising on Play Store to both app developers and advertisers and deals in web and mobile software development as well. Hence those willing to promote their ready-to-use apps or those in need of a multi-sided team to translate their app concepts into reality and promote the product on Play Store can freely avail themselves of skills and capacities the company provides.

The company has selected Hanover as the place to set its headquarters. Its full legal address is ayeT-Studios GmbH, Goseriede 1, 30159 Hanover, Germany.

AyeT-Studios Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2013.

Social networks/web visibility: ayeT-Studios  official profiles and pages



Information for Publishers (Developers) reviewsDevelopers can order services in boosting the app visibility in Play Store and use the option of incentivized app installs made by real users from all around the world. The services are delivered at reasonable prices and include additional options and promotional opportunities. The company offers an additional service of high retention campaign creation, which means that users have to retain the app for at least tree days for it to be counted as a successful install  and completed conversion. This high retention strategy is presented as a premium service as it offers replacement installs for free if in the framework of incentivized installs delivered by the company users fail to retain the app on their devices for three days.

Information for Advertisers/Resellers

Advertisers can order the company services anonymously and resell them under the advertiser’s brand name. In other words, operations, users, installs and other parts of the promo process on Play Store are responsibility of ayeT-Studios while the end users of the services will see the statistics and reports  as delivered by the advertiser. This outsourcing is completely safe as the company claims to cooperate with real users only. Besides, the company offers access to API and the advertiser can redesign the process so that the customers directly worked on their campaigns and reviewed statistics. All support and troubleshooting (if any) will be secured by ayeT-Studios in incognito mode.

Account Help

Help/support is available at request via email: [email protected] or Skype: ayet-studios


The company invites new team members with skills pertaining to mobile marketing who want to ‘make difference’; namely, the company welcomes developers, managers in online marketing area, accountants, support team members etc.

Editor’s ayeT-Studios Review

ayeT-Studios  is the young but actively developing company located in Germany. Its primary focus is on delivering promotional and advertising services to developers and advertisers with ultimate goal of boosting their popularity on Play Store. The company’s small yet engaged team is skilled in apps promotion and advertising as well as in apps and software developing. It means that the company can first develop an app according to the customer’s concept and requirements and then promote it and create the sufficient app visibility on Play Store.

The company offers its team’s skills and capacities both to developers and to advertisers/promoters who need sub-contractors to deliver quality services in Play Store promotion.

Advertisers (resellers) who often receive orders for Play Store promotion can use the outsource services of ayeT-Studios to help their own customers. The company delivers required app install numbers coming from true users around the world and these installs will be tagged by the advertiser’s brand name to prove that the install rates boost was insured by the advertiser. Moreover, the company can provide access to API of its software tools so that the advertiser customized the process and streamed the services of promo campaigns creation and management directly from its official site. All documentation and processes will be closely monitored and branded by the advertiser’s name, while services and support will be provided by the experienced ayeT-Studios staff. reviews

Developers (publishers) can order services of increasing numbers of app installs on Play Store and promoting the app across the store. The feature of the company is incentivized installs coming from real users at reasonable price (as the ayeT-Studios official page describes it).

The company also offers the service of high retention campaign creation. This campaign combines both traditional promotion through ads display and new incentivized installs method. High retention campaign offers additional insurance of the ordered number of installs. It means that for an install to count as such, a user should keep the app on the device at least for three days after installation. Only after three days period this install will count as a true conversion. If a user deletes the app sooner than three days, the campaign is awarded an additional install for free. The advantages of the described high retention approach are high rates of retention for incentivized app installs, additional bonus of free installs as replacement for non-retained app installs, and excellent statistics-tracking tools that show accurate numbers of app retention for 3 to 7 days.

The company provides Skype and email as ways to communicate and request information and/or support from the staff members. As a developing company, ayeT-Studios is currently in search of new team members skilled in IT development, technical support, legal matters and accounting, so the choice of positions is rather wide.

As a comparatively new player on the market, the company deserves attention due to delivery of both promotional and app development services and due to its narrow specialization, which allows the team to focus attention on one particular market segment.



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