Mobile advertising is based on several key concepts alongside mobile app advertising. The come as the foundation for the entire niche and offer a variety of critically acclaimed models such as CPM, CPC, CPI and CPA. All models have their unique features charging marketers for ad impressions, instance of clicks or installations in addition to other specific actions made by application users.

CPA and CPI appeared to be the most demanding and efficient models letting marketers track their ROI comparing with prior investments in a particular ad campaign as well as the initial budget. Such analysis allows acquiring users whose actions eventually result in bearing fruit for the marketer. CPI model has turned in to the main contributor to marketers’ revenue in 2016 reaching $7 billion in 2019.


Licensed in San Francisco, US, InMobi is a popular ad platform used for acquiring application users. Hosting more than 400,000 apps and being a fundamental part of InMobi, Miip is an application discovery platform that features numerous reviews, star ratings and other details on any app available for users before they click the download button. Marketers can use the platform to attract new users creating a huge loyal base by means of Appographic Targeting. The platform covers over 200 countries globally and interacts with all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.


Established in 2007, Tapjoy lets marketers benefit from a selection of bidding models that appear to be the key features in addition to Future Value Map. The platform lets you proceed with retargeting as well as the most accurate analysis of the future opportunities. Marketers can keep in touch with the latest data starting from retention, revenue, cohort analysis and more. Used for such mobile platforms as iOS and Android.


Founded by Elad Nantason in 2012, Appnext is another award-winning app discovery platform that can boast great advertising tools and capabilities delivering CPI bidding directly to the marketer. Self-served ad platforms are among the key features. Appnext covers 180 countries globally and interacts with iOS and Android.


When Frank Wang and Peter Zou came up with an idea of co-founding Yeahmobi in 2009, they could hardly believe it would eventually turn into a major app advertising platform. Covering over 200 countries across the globe, it offers marketers efficient in-house tracking solutions in addition to successful implementation CPA & CPI ad models.

Matomy Media Group

Established by Adi Orzel in 2007, Matomy Media Group offers a selection of marketing tools and can boast a base of over 1,500 buyers and over 18,000 media partners. You will certainly appreciate the opportunity to run several marketing models at the same time. Cross-ad implementation is available using CPI, CPM and CPA models for app developers.