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Fyber Review

Fyber is a company incorporated in Berlin (Germany), where its headquarters are located, with an affiliate office in San Francisco (USA). The company specializes in delivering promotion and monetization services to app/games developers, publishers and advertisers. Fyber offers a wide range of services and tools designed to generate revenues through all possible channels of monetization on mobile devices. The main channels across which campaigns are created and managed by the company are mediation, ad serving and exchange; their management is possible on one common platform.

Fyber Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2009.

Number of employed people: 290+ staff members.

Social networks/web visibility: Fyber official profiles and pages




Information for Advertisers

The company offers advertisers and agencies the access to wide reaching audience and ad-placing outlets in major industries including news, utilities, gaming, entertainment and technology. Advertisers can roll out powerful promo campaigns across large vertical networks of desktop and mobile devices in mentioned industries and can select types of campaigns to match the nature of ads and increase their impact  on users. Video campaigns, interstitial campaigns, performance campaigns and user acquisition campaigns are available and manageable within one integrated platform.


Information for Publishers (Developers)

Fyber offers simple and efficient monetization process for app developers. The platform for developers carries integrated tools of Exchange, Mediation and Ad Serving. The company also provides access to publisher tools and direct analytical data stream to facilitate campaigns optimization and ad serving. Monetization services and technical support are also included into offer.  In addition, the solution allows selecting the most appropriate ad format to match the type of app and needs of users. The possible formats include rewarded videos served inside mobile games, interstitial ads and Offer Wall that provides for more accurate and efficient users targeting.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained via mailing form at

FAQ  are available at:



The company offers positions in its all main divisions, namely, Technology, Business, and Operations. Positions range from Solution, Data and Security Engineers to Sales Managers and Senior Developer Relations Managers, among others.

Learn more about vacancies at

Editor’s Fyber Review

Fyber is a company set up in 2009 in Berlin (Germany) with an affiliate office being opened in San Francisco (USA). The company deals in delivering advertising solutions to different categories of customers, including developers, media groups, ads networks, promo agencies and individual advertisers. reviewsThe company has created an integrated SSP that allows rolling out campaigns across a network of devices by means of Exchange, Ad Server and Mediation. Mediation removes barriers in cooperation with various ad networks, Exchange delivers more demand campaigns from global advertisers and brands and provides programmatic tools for making contracts on the go. Ad Server increases the value of ad inventory and allows selling it to top advertisers as a whole system. Publisher tools allow monitoring and managing the advertising processes immediately at a glance. Besides, the company offers turnkey monetization solutions, learning opportunities and technical support. Among campaigns that company can help create there are mobile video campaigns, engagement campaigns, interstitial campaigns, and install campaigns. Monitoring of campaign performance and full account management services package are also available.

Advertisers and ad networks can approach the process of advertising from the opposite and seek new app developers and audiences with help of DSP provided by the company. The pool of media companies and apps in leading industries with millions of users, like news, utilities, gaming, entertainment and technology, can be reached form a single command board and business processes related to advertiser – developer cooperation are streamlined and simplified to secure smooth and fast contract locking. Programmatic means and advanced options allows fast and accurate integration of ads into any type of app/programs so that the ad matched any screen and the ad format was mot distorted across platforms.

The two functional sides of one platform are actually feasible for any type of campaign and for most customers because they generally serve as a powerful connecting mechanism locking demand side of the advertising industry to venues for ads placement. The solutions are common across industries and are accompanies by technical support, opportunity to run campaigns individually or order a campaign to be designed by the company.

The company is moderately visible across social media; it offers sufficient contact and support options and FAQ section. Career opportunities at Fyber are also vast and include multiple positions in Technology, Business, and Operations divisions of the company, which indicates the company’s desire to expand its operations. In a nutshell, the ample set of tools and opportunities offered by the company makes well worth attention of developers as well as advertisers and media agencies.

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