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InMobi Review

The company’s history began in 2007 in Singapore where InMobi has its current headquarters. InMobi provides services of mobile advertising to publishers and advertisers around the world. It has devised its proprietary  software that helps discover brands, items and other inventory on mobile devices in a new engaging format. The company reports about 100 billion discoveries (in other words, impressions) per month globally. InMobi has 17 regional offices, the audience of 1 billion monthly users who are active on their devices and portfolio of 30,000+ developers who are ready to engage with advertising experience and let their users discover things they need.

InMobi Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2007.

Number of employees: 501+ employees.

Social networks/web visibility: InMobi’s  official profiles and pages









Information for Advertisers

InMobi states that delivering inventory to users is not the ultimate goal. The main purpose is to engage consumers and let them find what they need. The conversion will be only a matter of minutes. To achieve this engagement and inspire users to discover more ads, InMobi has developed a unique ads-presenting system called Miip and organized in shape of a dialog instead of traditional catalogues. Consumers talk, Miip translates their concerns and desires into product characteristics and immediately matches this demand with available ads supplies. Miip constantly updates and refines its search and targeting to enhance users’ experience and keep them interested in discovering more. The modes of ‘discovering’ are different and range from relaxed browsing to on-the-go catch. The time of move from inspiration to purchase is very short and the transactional side of the discovery is organized simply yet efficiently. Miip experience may come in different app shell – Miiplets, Insta-miip, Miip-stream and Miip-blend.

InMobi reviews

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Developers can benefit from a standard set of services that are delivered across the industry. They can monetize their apps through partnership with known advertisers and brands, acquire new real active users and select discovery zones that will be related to the app. Discovery zones are formal features of ads, i.e. formats in which they will be presented. Zones can be standard or innovative, yet they all are designed to help user engage more in the app. Developers are free to choose what ads will appear in the context of their  apps or users’  preferences and context.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained via email

[email protected]

FAQ  are available at:




The company has a bunch of departments some of which are in search of employees while others are currently closed for applicants. Yet the company is growing rapidly and the list of positions is changing.  At present, the following departments are offering open positions:  Strategy and Operations, Sales and Business Development, Technology.

More about open positions at

Editor’s InMobi Review

InMobi was incorporated in 2007 in Singapore, its headquarters are also located there. As the company came to the international market, it set up regional offices in  Bangalore, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, New York and San Francisco. The company deals in mobile advertising by means of its unique software that blends story-telling, sophisticated product search and convenient path from discovery to purchase. This experience is called ‘discovery’ and the company has designed a cute and engaging way to keep users discovering new products.  The company reports about 100 billion discoveries on mobile devices per months, 30,000+ publishers and 20,000+ carefully granulated audience segments to engage with. Such extreme segmentation and selection of the right audience are enabled by geo-targeting and streams of local analytical data.

InMobi reviewsAdvertisers may be inspired by a brand-new way to serve ads and suggest related products to customers. The company strives to make users engage in the ads consciously, in full knowledge of what they do, and to do that in emotional and personal way. This challenge was matched by designing a unique software that organizes search in shape of dialogs instead of delivering lists or catalogues to users. As customers freely voice their needs, Miip matches them with most suitable products and demonstrates targeted ads from advertisers who are located close to a customer. Miip works on-the-go, it reacts to changes in customers’ search and delivers the retargeted content. Discovery mode can be matched to a situation, i.e. it is made available in relaxing as well as condensed and brief forms. The offered discovery shells are  Miiplets, Insta-miip, Miip-stream and Miip-blend and they can be matched with any app. Such emotional engagement and efficiency of coupling demand and supply in real-time mode are translated into an efficient system of transactions, so  conversion will not be a problem.

Developers can focus on monetizing their apps as famous brands and advertisers use Miip to place more ads. Along monetizing the company offers purchasing active users and fine-tuning the discovery zones to match them with the app. Great users’ experience means greater engagement and retention, so Miip puts users’ feelings and desires of users first. Discovery zones contain units of standard and innovative ads formats so that they could be selected according to the type of the app.

The company’s visibility in social networks is rather ample, help or additional information can be asked for via direct email or in FAQ section. The company has a range of departments that periodically look for new team members. Currently the company searches for employees to work in Technology, Business Development and Strategy and Operations. The list of jobs across departments is updated periodically.

The company looks impressive and its unique approach to discovery of products and services means that advertisers and developers can definitely gain more traffic by using Miip SDK. So the company may be recommended to those who look for innovative and fresh ways to engage and retain users/customers.

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