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Matomy Review

Matomy is the large group of digital marketing companies with international operating facilities and clientele. It provides a wide diversity of solutions in advertising and promotion to media agencies,  individual advertisers, and media partners. The range of areas in which the company can deliver a tangible assistance includes desktop advertising, mobile ads, video and email promotion, incentivized downloads/installs, domain parking traffic boost, wide social media campaigns and other options for successful promotional campaign. The company has its headquarters  in Tel Aviv (Israel), and affiliate offices in London, Toronto, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Vienna and Munich. The company’s shares are listed on segments of the London Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Matomy Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2006; started operation as AdsMarket in 2007; became a publicly traded company in 2014.

Number of employees: 400 people.

Social networks/web visibility: Matomy official profiles and pages







Information for Advertisers

Matomy  offers  a single-platform solution providing access to eight advertizing channels that deliver high revenues and are easily manageable via the common gateway. The solution operates on both desktop and mobile platforms and provides a wide audience of real and engaged users, top quality leads and high engagement level – the components necessary for successful connecting of users’ demand to  advertiser’s supply. The company owns a proprietary software – the hi-end Performance Platform that unites real time data and optimization tools – that allows advertisers to tap into the third-party media channels as well as into first-hand media outlets and expand advertising to the global scale.

Information for Media Partners

Matomy provides access to multiple solutions for successful media monetization united into a single powerful tool. The key point of Matomy services is access to their proprietary software – the Performance Platform that unites real time data reporting and various optimization tools – which allows tuning the campaign and working smoothly with multiple demand partners without extra efforts and costs. The offered services and tools include trading via programmatic means or tags, access to web marketplace and wide use of managed media.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained at the page Contact Us

(URL where the sections of help for different inquirers are offered, including help to Advertisers, help to potential Media Partners and general inquiries.

FAQ  are available at:



Offices of Matomy across the world seek talented and motivated people with a variety of skills and trades, including mobile sales managers, senior and junior developers, online sales managers, technical support staff, campaign and account managers and many more. The detailed list of vacancies is available at

Editor’s Matomy Review

Matomy is a group of companies incorporated in Israel and traded on the London Stock Exchange as well as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company offers services of performance-based advertising to media partners and advertisers seeking new platforms and media outlets on the global scale. Offices scattered across the globe and the proprietary software allow the company to match any demand and supply solutions tailored for every particular promotional need. Advertisers can draw upon targeted advertising and on-the-go optimization tools, while media partners gain access to the single channel of work with different partners.

Currently the company reports employing 400 specialists, about 5,000 active clients, 120 billion of impressions per month, 18,000 campaigns being rolled out, and 9 affiliate offices offering tailored solutions and support to international customers. reviewsThe heart of the company’s operations and strategy is the hi-end programmatic solution called the Matomi Performance Platform which is based on advanced technologies and provides access to multiple advertising channels through one common command point. The channels across which marketing activities are rolled out include  desktop advertising, mobile ads, video and email promotion, incentivized downloads/installs, domain parking traffic boost, wide social media campaigns and search engine visibility. The platform fuses business intelligence, data base and demand trends gathered in real time to provide the perfect marketplace for all kinds of advertisements.

Combination of the mentioned data layers is processed in real-time mode and presented to advertisers in convenient form to enhance their promotional potential and deliver them visible results in shape of increased numbers of users, thousands of views, purchasers, and engagement rates as well as traffic growth. The platform provide self-service campaigning opportunities; besides, advertisers can avail themselves of  turnkey packages of promotional services ranging from campaign planning across various media to optimization of the running campaign to match the actual demand and market situation.

Media partners can monetize across the web and mobile through the single channel and cooperate with various third party demand partners without conducting direct negotiation and consultations.  The reaching efforts and contracting are done internally; and media partners only have to choose target platforms and channels.  Matomy supplies programmatic means or tags, access to web marketplace and wide use of managed media as ways to boost sales and expand their customers’ presence on the market.

Both advertisers and partners can employ all channels of marketing offered by the company and use the tailored solutions and premium services to get better results at reasonable price and conditions.

The company is widely present in social media, offers extensive support and ample FAQ section. The span of careers currently offered in Matomy is impressive; it offers multiple positions across its regional offices including web developers, sales managers, marketing managers, account managers, support staff etc.

In general, the company offers robust advertising platform and tools matching needs of advertisers and media partners and can be recommended to those looking for wide advertising and monetizing opportunities.

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