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Smaato Review

Smaato is a globally operating company that provides a multi-functional integrated platform called SPX for bringing together advertisers and publishers in real-time mode. The company started its activities in 2005 in San Francisco.  It focuses on providing services of a large-scale mobile ads stock exchange and offers a wide variety of monetization functions including the video, native and real-time ads pool to 90,000+ app developers and publishers. The company maintains the flow of about six billion daily ads across 800 million of mobile devices used monthly around the world.

Smaato Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2005.

Number of employees: 200+ people.

Social networks/web visibility: Smaato  official profiles and pages








Information for Advertisers

Advertisers will mostly benefit from the featured RTB Ads Exchange that provides outlet to more than 90,000+ app developers and publishers who seek partnership with global advertisers. The company promises that the platform will ensure large scale outreach to users with highly detailed targeting to ensure high engagement and conversions. DSP Integration Portal services aim to streamline and facilitate integration of RTB Ads Exchange software so that advertisers could start high-targeted bidding in few hours after beginning integration and fine-tuning.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

The company provides the state-of-art self-service platform SPX that serves unlimited number of ads to publishers. Smaato strives to equip them with full control of inventory monetization process and for this purpose the platform has native,  mobile and programmatic features integrated into it seamlessly. Proprietary Smaato’s tools include Private Marketplace, Native Ad Builder and Dynamic Demand to automate and streamline campaign managing processes and let publishers focus on strategy designing. The RTB Ads Exchange by Smaato is beneficial to both publishers and advertisers as their contacts can occur directly in real time via the user-friendly dashboard.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained via emails [email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected], and

[email protected],

or by phones provided at

Besides, there are two standard fill-in contact forms: one for general enquiries at

and the other for customers at

FAQ  are available at:


The company offers positions in its four main business divisions including Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Product Management. The positions span from Demand/Supply Directors to Sales Students. The list of vacation across its regional offices is regularly updated at


Editor’s Smaato Review

The company’s operations were launched in 2005 in San Francisco where currently its headquarters are located. By now the company has the team of 200+ employees and has opened its offices in New York, Hamburg and Singapore. The company positions itself as a global-scale mobile ads server that operates on the basis of its proprietary software for instant ad exchange between developers and advertisers. On the basis of this platform called SPX developers and publishers can select from a wide variety of ads and opt for the most profitable bids coming from global advertisers in real-time mode. The company reports managing the daily flow of about six billion ads across 800 million of mobile devices used monthly around the world. It features the portfolio of 90,000+ app developers and claims to deliver 300+ billion monthly impressions. reviewsThe company’s own software ads exchange solution, the SPX platform, integrates into a single unit mobile, native and programmatic tools  to facilitate the task of developers trying to find the most profitable advertising offers. The platform is a global ads server that aims to increase monetization rates and provide efficient and easy tools of managing and tracking advertising campaigns launched by developers. Publishers can integrate into Smaato’s RTB AD Exchange tool, automate the search of demand partners via Dynamic Demand and monetize with the most profitable eCPM. The platform also gives opportunity to set up a Private Marketplace and to use SDK Mediation. Ads delivered via the platform can be standard or Native Ads, VAST videos, interactive banners etc. The company promises that integrating with the RTB AD Exchange tool for direct bidding will take only few hours and  developers will be able to start using it as soon as integration is finished.

Advertisers are invited to use the platform as it delivers access to 90,000+ developers who have their unique audience so advertisers will be able to locate and pick the most appropriate target group. The RTB AD Exchange provides high level of targeting and audience segmentation, its tracking and analytical toolkit  provides a transparent picture of auctioning and its outcomes. Te tool promises first look traffic and easy integration with the RTB tool. Additional assistance is delivered via the Smaato DSP Integration Portal that provides automated solutions for testing and smooth launch of individual RTB transactions.

The company is amply presented in social media which is convenient for users; assistance and additional information can be obtained via emails at local offices or via different types of contact forms dedicated to General Enquiries and to Customers Service. Careers in the company are offered across its four major sections including Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Product Management. Positions vary from internships to Director’s posts. The company offers competitive compensations and bonuses to its team members.

Due to its proprietary bidding and ad serving platform the company is a good choice for advertisers looking for accurate audience targeting and for developers who seek a large pool of demand partners.

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