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StartApp Review

StartApp was established in 2010 in New York where its  headquarters are currently located. Affiliate offices of the company can be found in Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Stockholm, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paolo. The company offers its support and proprietary mobile technical solutions to publishers and advertisers who look for new users and customers for their inventory. StartApp has devised and launched the social data platform called SODA to help its partners gain deeper insights into their users demographics and online behavior to create more efficient and revenue-generating advertising campaigns.  It reports creation of users’ portfolio of more than 477 million monthly users and 220,000 apps being promoted across the world.

StartApp Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2010.

Number of employees: 50+ workers.

Social networks/web visibility:  StartApp official profiles and pages



Google +



Information for Advertisers

The company focuses on providing advertisers with access to the most relevant segments of global audience so that the targeted advertisements reached the right users. The SODA platform retrieves data across the most popular  social networks and platforms and transforms them into strategic directions for promo campaigns deployment. The campaigns also aim at creating high retention rates. The company  works with any level budgets and campaigns and allows creating campaigns personally as well as ordering managed campaigns from the StartApp team. reviewsInformation for Publishers (Developers)

Developers can use the dedicated monetization options aimed at delivering the highest eCPM in the industry. Business data monitoring and exclusive mobile ads units solutions are purposed to engage users in the app instead of distracting from it. The company delivers services applicable to all major development tools  like Android, iOS or Cordova; these services include integrated solutions (SDK), third-party account management and assistance and access to programmatic tools. The dedicated dashboard is designed to display the most accurate and diverse data on monetization process as segmented by categories.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained  via emails [email protected] (General Inquiries), [email protected] (Customers Support) or via standard form at

Detailed guideline to the company’s services is provided at:

FAQ  are available at:



The company invites people who share its values and mission and offers rewarding salary and conditions. Currently open positions include developers, team leaders, customer support staff etc. The positions vary across the regional offices. Detailed job list is provided at and is updated periodically.

Editor’s StartApp Review reviewsStartApp was incorporated in 2010 as an international company with its headquarters in New York (USA). Later as the company expanded its operations it set up its affiliate offices in Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Stockholm, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paolo. The company delivers promotional and monetization services to mobile advertisers and developers. Its know- how is the social data retrieval platform tagged SODA that allows collecting large amounts of transactional data across networks thus helping to create a comprehensive and true image of apps users and to target the segments of audience most interested in a particular app or advertisement. At present the company reports  486 million active users, 240,000 promoted apps, 9 billion of downloads of its SDK and complete coverage of all region of the globe.

The SODA software provides advertisers with insights into the nature of the global audience of app users and its particular segments. With reliance on these data advertisers can find the most appropriate users segment and distribute targeted ads more efficiently. The SODA-based campaigns deployment is believed to deliver high retention rates and to help select appropriate types of ads thus ensuring users’ engagement. Advertisers can use native ads units or select innovative 360 ads, interstitials, app walls, or video ads. The company allows running self-service campaigns or ordering a full set of promo services from the StartApp team.

Developers are promised the monetization tools and software that can deliver competitive eCMP compared to average across the industry.

The company’s presence in social media is sufficient; Contacts sections offers separate channels for general and customers’ inquiries, as well as FAQ section and a profound manual on use of the company’s software and services. Sophisticated tracking software and innovative ads formats like 360 ads aim to improve app users’ experience and to ensure deeper engagement. The company’s software and tools can be applied to most development toolkits like Cordova, iOS or Android; the services here mean programmatic tools delivery, account management and consulting and natural SDK integration. Monitoring dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and provide the full picture of all categories of users that generate the bulk of monetization revenue.

The company is ready to employ people who share its values and priorities and offers competitive salary and bonuses in exchange. Careers list is provided in the Careers section and is updated periodically.

To sum it up, the company can be recommended to those who have a modest budgets and want to gain insights into details of the process prior to starting the activity. Developers and advertisers can equally benefit from that.

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