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Supersonic Review

Supersonic is a fast-pacing and result-oriented company operating on the mobile advertising market. It delivers strategic guidance and technical solutions to mobile developers and advertisers across the world. The company appeared in San-Francisco (USA) in 2009 and by today it has recruited 200+ specialists and created a world-wide umbrella of affiliate offices in all regions of the world, including UK, China, Russia, India and Israel. The company maintains partnership with leading developers and advertisers and strives to provide top quality services tailored to meet the goals of every particular customer.

Supersonic Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2009.

Number of employees: 201+ employees.

Social networks/web visibility: Supersonic official profiles and pages



Information for Advertisers

Advertisers can employ the dedicated unified Software Development Kit that unites controls and monitoring tools for using video ads, interstitial, Offerwall and Mediation to boost the product visibility and improve conversion rates. The SDK is designed to be simple in integration and use and to show high performance in its functionality.  It allows serving to users high quality video ads and interstitials, employ the Mediation opportunity and create the Offerwall with ads matching the search results and enquiries of a particular user. The high revenues are secured through the highest rate of eCPM among competitors. reviews

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Developers will appreciate the efficient system of detecting and acquiring new active users. The Supersonic’s proprietary SDK allows selecting and reaching out to the target audience most likely to engage in a particular app, growing installs rates and retaining users on the basis of their true engagement in the app. The selection of ads formats provides for flexibility of an advertising strategy and allows adjusting the plan according to statistical data delivered in real time mode.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained by means of filling in the contact mailing form at,

or else, reach the company offices in Israel, USA, Great Britain  or China via addresses and phones provided at

FAQ  are available at:


Generous career prospects and benefits of working in the company are described in details at . Currently all offices of the company are in search of new team members. To learn more, visit

Editor’s Supersonic Review

Supersonic started its operation in 2009 and established its headquarters in San Francisco (USA). Later it expanded its impact and services to other  regions of the world and established supporting offices in London, Beijing, India, Moscow, New York and a dedicated Research and Design Office in Tel Aviv (Israel). Its current staff includes 200+ specialists in various areas. Supersonic ‘s field of operation is mobile advertising industry targeting both app developers who need to tell the world about their apps and grow install rates and advertisers who look for new mobile venues to place ads in order to generate higher revenues. The company features  rapid growth and maintains close business relations with leading app developers and advertisers around the globe.

Both advertisers and publishers can benefit from using SDK (Software Development Kit) that was designed by Supersonic to deliver technical solutions and progress tracking services through one channel. Advertisers can employ this SDK for creating ad campaigns and selecting the most appropriate types of ads to match the promoted apps. The latter include interstitials, mobile video ads, Offerwall option and Mediation services across various ads networks.  Offerwall option allows showing a list of ads for a user to choose from so that he/she could select ads related to their interests. Revenues stream is supposed to come from the most competitive eCPM in the industry.

Developers’ target is always getting new users, installs and high retention rates. The developers’ side of SDK offers these kinds of service and provides convenient management and tracking dashboard to follow install and retention rates. The dedicated software is equipped with filters for audience segmentation and distribution, so that developers could address the most engaged and interested users and get organic installs with high probability of long retention. SDK also provides different ads formats that can be integrated into a wide variety of apps naturally. Monitoring of audience segments most involved in the app allows attuning the campaign and users attracting strategy on the fly. This accurate targeting is enabled by SDK and is cost-effective while delivering high precision segmentation of the audience by demographics, preferences, etc. Tracking and reporting facilities are offered as a part of the package.

The company is moderately presented in social media; help and support are available either via standard contact form or via emails of local offices across the world.

Career prospects within the company are rather promising, various incentives and bonuses for employees being included. The range of positions is wide, so various specialists may apply and find a position.

All in all, the company demonstrates rapid growth and high potential for further development, so developers and advertises can draw at its innovative approaches and wide network of media partnership across the world.

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