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Tapjoy Review

Tapjoy is a company located in San Francisco (USA) with divisions spread across the world, including offices in Los Angeles, New York,  Santa Barbara, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, London, Beijing, Tokyo and others. The company has opted for its particular mobile marketing segment in which it delivers services to developers and advertisers by enhancing monetization and conversion opportunities. To achieve this goal the company uses  its proprietary software solution called Automation and Monetization Platform that offers wide analytical toolkit and the latest methodological developments in marketing to use every promotion opportunity emerging in the segment in which the customer operates. The platform allows tapping into pools of engaged users and delivering ads to the target audience defined according to the direct stream of real time data. The company’s top rank investors list includes J.P. Morgan Asset Management and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Tapjoy Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2007.

Number of employees: 200+ employees.

Social networks/web visibility: Tapjoy official profiles and pages



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Information for Advertisers

Tapjoy offers access to rich media  and sources of mobile traffic as well as offers  traditional means of acquiring users,  views and installs. The premium level of services includes access to Exclusive Audience Segments that combine an array of analytical data retrieved  from users experience with ads, their preferences, demographics, rates of conversion and comparison to industry competitors. These tools are intended to facilitate transformation of an ad viewer into a purchaser and to boost conversion rates. reviews

Information for Publishers (Developers)

The company helps developers to attract and acquire new engaged users who will further promote the app. To achieve this, the company employs such tools as paid installs, video app promotion that trigger non-incentivized installs, high retention campaigns and reconnect opportunities. Besides, the toolkit for developers includes analytical and optimization  technical gears that translate retrieved data into new strategy and opportunity to get advice and practical support in devising and rolling out a successful campaign from Tapjoy experts.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained via email

FAQ  about major concepts of company operations and its conditions are available at:


The company encourages entrepreneurial thinking in its employees and offers various bonuses and compensations to its workers. The current list of vacancies includes positions in Engineering, Developers Relations, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales and other divisions of the company. Detailed list of jobs is regularly updated at

Editor’s Tapjoy Review reviewsTapjoy was incorporated in 2007 in the USA and set up its headquarters in San Francisco (California). Its affiliate offices are established across the USA (namely, in Los Angeles, New York,  Santa Barbara, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta) as well as in other parts of the world including UK (London), Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Seoul) and other regions. The company has rolled out its operations in the mobile advertising and promotion industry and now its offers monetization and conversion boost services to app/games developers and advertisers.

To provide this kind of services more efficiently and user-friendly,  Tapjoy has designed its own dedicated integrated software named Automation and Monetization Platform that employs the latest innovations in online marketing and powerful data retrieving engine in order to catch every single opportunity of monetizing and promoting inventory of the company’s customers. The company’s investor’s list contains names like J.P. Morgan Asset Management and other huge investing facilities. Currently the company reports about 2 million ad engagements per day and more that 270 thousand active apps successfully promoted via the Automation and Monetization Platform. In 2014 the company reached the threshold of 500 million active users per month.

Advertisers can use the Tapjoy solutions based on access to rich media and sources of large streams of mobile traffic together with ordinary means of users, views and engagement purchase at reasonable prices. Rich media promotion delivered by the company includes serving rich media ads to target audience as well as fast and professional creation of rich media samples on any topic. Tapjoy also offers Exclusive Audience Segments that are created according to such categories as users’ age, preferences, ads experience, level of engagement, etc.  Advertisers can select the audience by category or compare their own apps popularity and functionality to the competitors’ products. The combined impact of offered tools is intended to make smooth transition from users to purchasers thus increasing conversion rates.

App developers and publishers are offered access to millions of new users by means of paid installs, video app promotion that trigger non-incentivized installs. In order to make impact even more lasting , the company offers high retention campaigns and reconnection tools to keep in touch with users who have installed the app. Analytical software and on-the-go campaign adjustment are also available. Full counseling and support  from Tapjoy experts in campaign planning and deploying can also be ordered.

The company maintains sufficient presence across social media and offers a wide range of careers in a row of departments including Engineering, Developers Relations, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales etc. Support can be reached via email, whereas FAQ section supplies basic data necessary to start using the company’s services.

To sum up, Tapjoy seems a reliable promotional partner for those seeking these kinds of services in the USA as well as for international customers.

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