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TrialPay Review

TrialPay is a company incorporated in 2006 with the headquarters in Mountain View (Ca., USA). It offers services related to e-commerce and alternative online payment methods for online shoppers, merchants and advertisers. The company applies and optimizes these methods in transactions between online vendors and customers, offering the latter better and more convenient payment options and bonuses and thus boosting conversion, traffic and revenue rates for sellers and advertisers. The company cooperates with Gap, Facebook, Fandango and has Visa, Inc., and Greylock Partners among its investors.

TrialPay Company Stats

Company’s official page:

Year of incorporation: 2006; in 2015 acquired by Visa.

Number of employees:50+ employees.

Social networks/web visibility: TrialPay  official profiles and pages





Information for Advertisers

TrialPay offers innovative solutions in advertising and payment methods to advertisers who seek to find new customers and retain and engage existing ones. TrialPay has partnering publishers across Facebook, web and mobile platforms, and can provide easy access to targeted audience via customized ads, including branded videos and card-link offers. Differentiated and carefully adjusted targeting is supposed to attract the most prospective customers and increase ROI on all platforms involved. reviews

Information for Publishers (Developers)

TrialPay offers monetization options to developers who need to improve their apps visibility on the market and delivers the SDK and API solutions allowing developers independently combine monetization process with direct partnership with various advertisers. Evergreen SDK and Native Offers API are designed to integrate smoothly and provide for simple yet efficient control.  Hence developers can select interstitial, native and opt-in ads formats, create Offer Gallery, offer rewards for loyal customers via innovative payment platforms and methods, roll out retain campaigns and track the monetization progress.

Account Help

Help or additional information about the company can be obtained at the following page:

FAQ  about the company and its services are available at:


The company offers competitive salary, multiple bonuses and incentive packages to its employees. Currently the range of positions includes jobs of Business Development Specialists, Fuss Stack Software Engineers, UI/UX Front End Engineers and others. The detailed list of jobs is given at


Editor’s TrialPay Review reviewsTrialPay was created in 2006 and it set up its headquarters in (Ca., USA), later expanding its operational premises to San Francisco.  The company operates in the area of innovative and alternative payment methods for online in-app and inter-app purchases and at the same time offers a wide spectrum of services in monetization and promotion of apps and products.  The company aims to bridge the gap between advertisers and developers, providing them with revenues, traffic, new users and venues for ads placement. Among the company’s advertising partners are Gap, Facebook, and Fandango, and its investors’ pool includes Visa, Inc., and Greylock Partners. The company reports that its recent stats included eighty million real active users led to more than 10,000 sites where they engaged in customized  targeted ads.

Among its major achievements so far the company lists developing the suite of the Visa Commerce Network API aiming to facilitate and speed up the payment transactions for online vendors without compromising high level of security. The company has also developed in-app rewards programs for Coin and Uber, increased mobile visibility  of  popular brands like Dunkin Donuts and Regal, and designed custom solutions for its customers with reliance on the newest transactional data  obtained from the world’s largest and most popular payment system.

Along with creating alternatives to existing in-app payment methods, the company provides  a standard set of services related to monetization and promotion in mobile environment.  TrialPay can help those advertisers who need to access new customers and retain existing ones and engage them deeper in the brand. TrialPay has operational connections with such huge platforms as Facebook, and can deliver advertiser’s promo content to the large audience that can be filtered according to its demographics and preferences. To do this, the company offers different formats of ads, including brand videos and card-link offers that facilitate purchases and encourage conversion. Careful and fast targeting allows advertisers to increase ROI significantly across all engaged platform.

Monetization tools are offered to developers who need to get more downloads and start generating revenues from their digital products. Developers are provided with tools to customize ads shown inside their apps so that not to destroy the app attractiveness, including customized Offer Gallery, native ads, and interstitials. Developers can also create retain, rewards and engagement campaigns  with help of Evergreen SDK and Native Offers API that are designed to integrate smoothly and provide for simple yet efficient control.

The company’s visibility in social media is rather moderate, help and support can be obtained via fill-in form and in FAQ section.

Careers offered by the company are diverse, with competitive salaries and additional bonus packages, and are available in Mountain View and San Francisco.

In general, the company offers innovative online payment solutions and is affiliated with Visa, so working with it may be a rewarding experience for those seeking this particular kind of solutions.

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